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Xerox® CompleteView® Pro Assessment Tools for Print Services

Accurate savings analytics start with detailed knowledge of your current operating environment. We get this insight by:

  • Helping you understand current total cost of ownership (TCO), current costs and use with a structured quick, full or custom project-based Assessment Service tailored to your needs.
  • Providing analytics that help you understand:
    • Current operating costs and performance across existing devices, Xerox and non-Xerox
    • Current operating costs and performance of any in-place Xerox three-tier meter devices and the potential savings opportunities introduced through the use of Xerox three-tier meter devices
    • Your current operations in terms of overall power and carbon (including paper and trees) consumption
  • Designing an intelligent and dynamic solution enabled through the Xerox MPS Tools Platform.
  • Providing solution modeling and real-time, what-if scenarios that extend your insight past current TCO comprehension and into future TCO savings associated with the modeled scenario.
  • Reviewing the benefits of a proposed solution design against your actual physical site map and laying out future designs that capture, incorporate and validate against your print policy.
  • Providing analytics that enable fact-based discussions and designs across the enterprise.
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Xerox CompleteView Pro Print Assessment Tools identify ways to deliver more efficient services and reduce costs:

  • Total Cost of Ownership provides a snapshot of device use and cost per impression.
  • Capacity Utilization Tool estimates labor requirements and provides “what-if” print shop scenario modeling.
  • Service Capability Assessment looks at the entire value chain from creative to pre-production, and production to mailing/distribution to reduce cost and add value
  • Service Process Maturity Assessment provides an objective view of service process maturity against standards to determine management actions for improvement.