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Proactive Technology Infrastructure Management

For many businesses, their network has become their primary method of communicating with customers, vendors and employees. As a result, it is crucial to ensure that the network infrastructure is always available and operating at peak efficiency. If any critical device on the network suffers an outage, the downtime results in lost productivity for the entire organization. The ability to predict, quickly identify and resolve problems in the network infrastructure is the cornerstone to maintaining peak performance. Implementing technology management systems aimed at achieving optimum performance can be a costly and cumbersome task that is generally reserved for large companies. All Covered’s Remote Management Services offer a level of IT support that improves the reliability and performance of our clients’ business technology by continuously monitoring and proactively managing their systems. These services also enable All Covered to more rapidly resolve unforeseen technology issues and produce meaningful activity reports that help our clients quantify the business value of their technology investments and improvements.

We believe that every remote management service should include five key components

  • An intuitive tool for remote monitoring of key network elements such as routers, firewalls and servers
  • Real-time reporting of network and device status with instant notification when service indicators reach a warning or critical state
  • The capability for predictive analysis so potential issues are identified and eliminated before they become serious problems
  • Historical and trend reports to help identify areas of future concern and to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Secure remote access to the server or computer to quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve any technical issue

Remote Server Support

Remote Server Support delivers maximum server uptime through secure and immediate server access when a potential problem arises. This service enables All Covered to log into the server, using our Secure Remote Access tool, pinpoint the problem and resolve it remotely. Clients receive convenient and fast response because Remote Server Support can be done 24×7 without client intervention or disruption.

Remote Network Monitoring

Remote Network Monitoring allows All Covered to anticipate and quickly resolve network issues before they become major problems for the client. The 24×7 proactive network monitoring gives clients peace of mind that key components of the network infrastructure are operating reliably. All Covered will identify and suggest key network elements to be monitored, such as Internet connectivity, firewalls, mail, web and file servers. Once identified, we work with our clients to determine the business impact level and escalation requirements for each service monitored on each device. Then thresholds are configured for each device in an intuitive dashboard that provides at-a-glance status of all the network elements being monitored. If a monitored device or element reaches a threshold, a notification is triggered by the system. Based on the notification rules, the alarm is verified and remote remediation is implemented.

Server and network monitoring includes:

  • Connectivity monitoring of most industry standard network protocols such as HTTP, DNS, POPS, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, generic TCP and more
  • Device specific agents that monitor CPU activity, disk and memory utilization, process execution, batch log, appended log and Windows event log monitoring
  • Secure real time status reports with notification and multiple levels of escalation when a device reaches a warning or failure state
  • Access to historical and trend information for capacity planning and future budgeting decisions