Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape
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Xerox positioned as a leader in the Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape report for the eighth year

The report states that “Xerox has maintained its leadership in Quocirca’s evaluation of the MPS market. Its global scale and mature and comprehensive MPS portfolio give it unique advantages across both office and production print environments. It has a long track record of delivering MPS, excelling in a range of areas such as global delivery, multi-vendor support and comprehensive analytics and reporting.”

Quocirca goes on to say, “Security is core to Xerox’s MPS engagements, within which it establishes processes to proactively manage security roles and responsibilities, policies and standards. Xerox offers a comprehensive multi-layered managed security framework and is currently the only print vendor to partner with best-of-breed security vendor McAfee.”

“Xerox’s assessments are particularly sophisticated.” states Louella Fernandes, Principal Analyst at Quocirca “ranging from quick basic assessments to detailed, interactive and predictive user-based analytics. Worthy of note are Xerox’s Document Analytics and Process Analytics services, which evaluate paper-intensive processes and identify opportunities for digitisation and automation, providing the foundation for more detailed workflow assessments.”

Quocirca cites Xerox’s “strong vision for innovation around its ConnectKey MFP ecosystem which holds great promise as a key enabler for workflow automation for both SMBs and large enterprises. With a growing workflow automation services and solutions portfolio, backed by dedicated industry experts, Xerox is strongly positioned to support the digital transformation initiatives of larger organisations.”

“Managed Print Services Landscape” Quocirca, July 2017

"Managed Print Services Landscape, 2017"
Summary Report

Quocirca Managed Print Services Landscape, 2017.
Customer base: Please note that enterprise customer figures and estimated devices under management have been considered when determining customer base bubble size.

The figure represents Quocirca’s view of the competitive landscape for printer and copier vendors that deliver enterprise MPS. A vendor’s market position is indicated by the size of the bubble, based on estimates of customer base. The following categories are used to reflect a vendor’s position:

  • Market Leaders:

     Vendors that lead the market in both strategic vision and depth of service offering. Leaders have made significant investments in their service portfolio and infrastructure and are supported by strong delivery capabilities.

  • Strong Performers: 

    Vendors that have established and proven offerings supported by demonstrable customer success.

Source: “Managed Print Services Landscape, 2017” by Louella Fernandes, Quocirca Ltd., July 2017